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"When we were growing up, we would see people get shot in the park -- just a whole lot of crazy, chaotic things," Merriweather says.In Hardaway, Merriweather saw a young leader who was going to make it.It stood against everything he had instilled in them: Don't use the inner city as an excuse to fail. The former NBA All-Star and greatest basketball player in Memphis history huddled his team of 12 together. He could see his reflection from 25 years ago: young teens from the city's roughest projects longing for positive mentors. He was thinking a fight to the finish would let the players walk out with their heads high, their pride intact, even if they lost.But what happened next defies explanation, is beyond description.A boy playing for his ailing father did something extraordinary.A man who grew up without one, who'd come to serve as a surrogate dad to a dozen boys, watched in awe.He'd moved from Jackson, Tennessee, where he'd lived since earning his college degree.

Former game show host Chuck Woolery joins The Don Smith show to talk about his time on the popular show. She has advised professional athletes, politicians, artists, small business owners and many others. Penny Hardaway UK are in our stock now Discount shopping for Penny Hardaway UK online Cheap Penny Hardaway UK just -50% Off Latest colletion of Penny Hardaway UK here! are in our stock now The ~ voted Ball's 2010 "Best Independent Sports ... hardaway wife are in our stock nowhardaway wife salelittle penny pinterest | Lil Penny | Lil' Penny | Pinterest are in our stock nowlittle penny pinterest | Lil Penny | Lil' Penny | Pinterest sale The ~ voted Ball's 2010 "Best Independent Sports ..."The only thing I can remember is waking up," Merriweather says. He attributes his recovery to the power of prayer, although he's still fighting the disease."When the doctors gave up on me, I never gave up on myself. I knew I had to come back to my son and my daughter and my wife -- and most of all, my team." He asked God to give him one more chance, to return him to the hardwood floors of Lester Middle. More than anything, he longed to coach his son Nick again.

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